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Ian Alexander

FROM THE ASHES hits #1 on multiple bestseller lists!

I’m happy to report that FROM THE ASHES, my short novella prequel to ONCE WE WERE KINGS, has hit #1 on 2 bestseller lists, and #4 on another.

I want to thank the hundreds of readers who have purchased and pushed my ebook to the top of the charts.  It’s now in very good company!

Adults love YA Fiction too! (More than they might be willing to admit)

According to this report from AARP more and more adults are coming out and admitting to enjoying YA Fiction.  According to a Becky Anderson, owner of Anderson’s Book Shops in Illinois:

This is the best genre for escapism


I couldn’t agree more.  And yet, I’d like to think my Sojourner Saga books like Once We Were Kings and From the Ashes, are more than just escapism, but meaningful and inspiring allegory as well.  Though they weren’t written to be didactic in nature, I’ve had several teachers reading this book with their classes and students and have been told that they’ve really enjoyed Once We Were Kings (teachers and students alike.)